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We are experienced in both alternative dispute resolution and traditional litigation

With two full-time career litigators in Mr. Nikoloff and Mr. Gross, the firm is well equipped to handle nearly all association-related litigation needs, ranging from standard foreclosure and deed restriction enforcement matters to more complex litigation involving third-party vendors, property damage claims, fair housing discrimination charges and construction defect claims.

When the association gets sued, its insurance carriers typically are obligated to provide legal defense. We are positioned to be appointed as counsel by your carrier so your file does not need to leave our office unless outside counsel would be of particular benefit on a specific matter. If your insurance company denies your claim, we will investigate the denial and ensure that it was made in good faith and that the association is provided coverage when appropriate. In the unfortunate event that major construction defect or sinkhole litigation may be necessary for your community, we have partnered with the best firms in the state that specialize in providing contingency-based representation on such matters to ensure that the association has piece of mind without overly taxing its members financially. From small to large matters, our litigators have your needs covered.

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