Collections & Foreclosures

Our firm has decades of experience developing and enforcing effective collection policies to keep our clients' finances in the black.

As most Boards are aware, taking a passive approach to collections or waiting on banks to foreclose on delinquent mortgages is almost guaranteed to result in the Association having to write-off significant amounts of bad debt.

This may lead to budgetary shortfalls and special assessments. One of the Board's primary functions is to collect assessments in order to pay the bills.

We efficiently manage the lien and foreclosure process for our clients and provide free up-to-date collection reports on a monthly basis.

Attorneys for Collections and Foreclosures

We encourage the Board to adopt an effectively aggressive approach to collections.

Our firm provides a monthly collections report to the Board, conveniently free of charge.

We're dedicated to helping the Board make financially sound and mindful decisions.


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